On Our Way

My latest book, On Our Way, was published at the end of November 2016. It’s published by Trafford Publishing in the US, and costs $13.99 for the print version and $3.99 for the ebook.


This is my 77th book and it chronicles all the travels that Bernadette and I have done over the years, starting from shortly after we had first met in 1970. It also includes other travels I did on my own before then and going right back to 1958, when I made my first foreign trip, to France.

The first part of the book tells of our travels through Europe,detailed on a year-by-year basis. Many of those journeys were in France, but numerous others have been in other European countries; we also made one memorable trip to Boston in the US. The second part of the book is taken up with our travels over the years the length and breadth of Ireland and these are chronicled alphabetically.

If you leave aside the inevitable hassles and delays with travel itself,once you arrive at your chosen destination, then the fun usually starts. We’ve had many memorable experiences over the years and plenty of humorous escapades as well. We’ve never set any store by the modern notion of finding out everything online about your chosen destination before you ever leave the house; that takes all the joy out of travelling. The traditional method of travel, finding it all out as you go along, is much more rewarding and that is the route we’ve always taken.

Not only have we seen many fascinating and interesting places right across Ireland and indeed the continent of Europe, but we’ve also met many extraordinary people and have been lucky enough to have met many who became lifelong friends. Travel is a wonderful experience; it always broadens the mind and sometimes the bottom,too,but it adds greatly to one’s knowledge of life and how other people live.

I hope that you,dear reader, will get as much fun out of the book as I had in writing it.It came together amazingly quickly, in little over a month, during October and the start of November 2016. Once I started, it just almost wrote itself, which shows how travel is so life enriching. I’m now well into my next book,which is an illustrated history of the railway network than once tracked round the Guinness brewery complex in Dublin, for 100 years.

Charmers & Chancers

This is my latest book, which commemorates 50 years in the media business,1966 to 2016. During that period, I’ve met many outstanding personalities, mostly in Ireland, and often interviewed them. Many of them have been entirely above reproach, while others have had a more dubious reputation, hence the inspiration for the title of the book.

I’ve also “borrowed” a few of the world figures whom my wife Bernadette Quinn met during the course of her career in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which explains why I’ve included such people as President John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.
I’ve also included a lot of personal material in the book, highlighting some outstanding as well as some much less pleasant episodes in my life.
The book is published as a print-on-demand book and as an ebook by Trafford Publishing in the US.
The book is available from all good bookshops, as well as from online retailers, such as Amazon, and online from Trafford Publishing,

The book is priced at US$20.99, UK£16.00 and €18.50, with the ebook available for US$3.99, UK£3.00 and €3.50.