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I’ve been researching, writing and editing books for close on 40 years and in an often demanding schedule, have covered numerous subjects and personalities. Nearly all my books have their roots in Ireland, in documentary,historical and travel topics. I’ve also published one ebook and one novel, as well as a documentary book about France. Producing books has always been an absorbing interest and I still prefer the traditional format of printed books.

The newspaper book
A history of newspapers in Ireland, 1649-1983
Charmers & Chancers
50 years in the media business
On Our Way
Travels in Europe and Ireland
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Hugh Oram

Hugh Oram is an author, journalist and broadcaster living and working in Dublin. His wife Bernadette is a published poet, in English, Irish and French, who previously worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs.

He has written many travel, historical and documentary books over the years, including for Appletree Press in Ireland and has ...Read full bio